Who We Are ?


F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) is an IT company focusing on bleeding edge technology trends and matching your company with the right talent.

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about us

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) is an IT company focusing on bleeding edge technology trends and matching your company with the right talent.

Who we are ?

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Long Island, NY, to help companies with their IT solutions. Our initial focus was providing consulting and information technology solutions for small companies. In response to customer needs – and in order to fully cover the range of IT services – our offer quickly expanded with staffing solutions.

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Why Us ?


Experienced Team

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) has a vast expeience in this field and serving the businesses for over 10 years.


custom solutions

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) has the capacity to build custom made solutions.


Staffing service

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) offers staffing services to help you find best talent for your business.


cost Optimized

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) is the best for optimizing cost and reducing budget

Services We Provide

Staffing services, Managed IT Services, Systems Engineering, Blockchain Development, Cloud Computing, Offshore Resources .

IT Infrastructure Support

FinTech Consulting Group is a one stop shop for all your technology needs. Our IT infrastructure services are custom tailored based upon your business needs.Our architects will provide free consultation and design a blueprint up front free of charge.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing model enables IT infrastructure to be available over the Internet or through dedicated network from anywhere in the world. You no longer need huge datacenters and team of experts to manage your physical infrastructure.

Project Management

Today IT industry is continuously evolving and built on innovation. Continuous change demands proper planning and implementation strategies so organizations can deliver bleeding edge solutions to their customers. Click on button below to learn more

Blockchain As a Service

Blockchain as a service (BaaS) is relatively a new domain and is very high in demand in today’s world. Leadership at Fintech Consulting Group are investing heavily in blockchain technology. In very near future, FinTech Consulting Group will be launching a platform where users will be able to sign up and login to blockchain dictionary, learn and create projects online.

FinTech DevOps

With over a decade of experience in IT services, FinTech Consulting Group developed an internal AI lab built for customers use cases. Our project managers work directly with your firm leadership to jot down the requirements and create custom devops solutions according to your needs.Click on button below to learn more about Fintech Devops.

Information Technology (Staffing Services)

At FinTech Consulting Group, we understand the challenges associated with recruiting for IT professionals and we’re committed to ease this process for you.Companies compete with one another to find, attract and hire top candidates, resulting in overutilizing company’s internal resources. Therefore, look no further and give us a chance!

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Our Results

Completed Projects

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group)has sucessfully completed over 1500 projects all over the world

More than 1000+ Satisified clients

F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group)has  over 1000+ happy customers all over the world.

What people are saying about us

It was a pleasure working with FinTech Consulting Group. They helped me get placed in a company which totally justifies my experience. Prompt from F.C.G is highly appreciated. All the F.C.G employees that I met were helpful & eager to solve my doubts. Awesome Consultancy for your career
Lindsey Stirling
Marketing Manager
We are a real estate firm, needed to migrate our on-prem infrastructure to cloud. Not only FinTech Consulting Group helped us migrate, they also helped us achieve 99.10x9% uptime and saved ton of $$$$ on IT operations
CEO Of Midwood Home Reality
Fresh out of college, I didn’t have much experience with talking to recruiters and searching job market. Amazing team at FinTech Consulting Group were very helpful and helped me secure a job with one of the biggest financial firms in U.S
Hunter graduate in computer
Needed a custom backup / database solution for our startup. Engineers at FinTech Consulting Group addressed our problem in a timely manner
CEO of Apex EA

Want to join us ?

There are many reasons why you would want to join F.C.G. We are an IT service and IT staffing company that have been in the market over a decade. We are continuously innovating and building new solutions for customers. It is a great place to work, lots of room to grow and great benefits.