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F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) is an IT company focusing on bleeding edge technology trends and matching your company with the right talent.

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Infrastructure Support

Let Us Manage Your IT Infrastructure

FinTech Consulting Group is a one stop shop for all your technology needs. Our IT infrastructure services are custom tailored based upon your business needs. One of our expertise is that our architects will provide free consultation and design a blueprint up front free of charge. To ensure your company has the best IT solutions built by certified experts, we send our clients resumes and LinkedIn profiles for guaranteed quality work. Additionally, we provide small, midsize and enterprise size businesses with scalable support services both onsite and remotely.

24/7 IT Support

Our help desk team is available 24/7 to record and escalate issues as reported to address them in a timely manner. We have teams working in U.S and offshore to ensure we never miss an inquiry from our customers. Our developers have built custom in-house software’s to quickly jump on a screen share and resolve issues. Additionally, our U.S engineers in different regions can drive to your data-center to rack, stack, cable and fix hardware related issues.

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Backup and Recovery

We can design custom backup; disaster recovery and data restore protocols according to your company needs. In addition, we can also assist with migrating your data from on-premises to public cloud such as; AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure. We understand that each company have their own complex security and NIST compliance challenges. Therefore, we have the skills and knowledge to help meet all the complex requirements accordingly.

Network Infrastructure Support

A proper fast and secured network setup is vital for any business infrastructure. We can assist with setting up VPN tunnels, firewalls, LAN, Intranet, install and configure switches, scan network for any open ports, remediate vulnerabilities and troubleshoot any existing issues. We can also setup advanced network monitoring in place for you to monitor your infrastructure traffic in real time and take actions as needed.

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What people are saying about us

It was a pleasure working with FinTech Consulting Group. They helped me get placed in a company which totally justifies my experience. Prompt from F.C.G is highly appreciated. All the F.C.G employees that I met were helpful & eager to solve my doubts. Awesome Consultancy for your career
Lindsey Stirling
Marketing Manager
We are a real estate firm, needed to migrate our on-prem infrastructure to cloud. Not only FinTech Consulting Group helped us migrate, they also helped us achieve 99.10x9% uptime and saved ton of $$$$ on IT operations
CEO Of Midwood Home Reality
Fresh out of college, I didn’t have much experience with talking to recruiters and searching job market. Amazing team at FinTech Consulting Group were very helpful and helped me secure a job with one of the biggest financial firms in U.S
Hunter graduate in computer
Needed a custom backup / database solution for our startup. Engineers at FinTech Consulting Group addressed our problem in a timely manner
CEO of Apex EA

We Are Your One Stop Shop

Not sure? Our team of experts and experience in consulting team can address all your concerns. We are confident in our services and always looking for challenges.