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F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) is an IT company focusing on bleeding edge technology trends and matching your company with the right talent.

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At FinTech Consulting Group, we understand the challenges associated with recruiting for IT professionals and we’re committed to ease this process for you. Filling open technology positions with top candidates is a challenge even for skilled recruiters. Companies compete with one another to find, attract and hire top candidates, resulting in overutilizing company’s internal resources. Therefore, look no further and give us a chance! We are a firm with experience in IT staffing and can do the leg work for you, saving the business time, effort and money while providing access to a pool of available, pre-screened, qualified talent.
Partnering with FinTech Consulting Group

Partnering with FinTech Consulting Group can save your company time and money, overcoming recruiting challenges to meet your company’s strategic objectives and respond to business needs. Our expert recruiters

understand the challenges organizations face in scalability and recruiting technical talent, and can apply their expertise to find the top candidates for you. Simply, give us a call and we will take the lead from getting started to producing successful end results.

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Not sure? Our team of experts and experience in consulting realm can address all your concerns. We are confident in our services and always looking for challenges.