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F.C.G (FinTech Consulting Group) is an IT company focusing on bleeding edge technology trends and matching your company with the right talent.

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FinTech DevOps


Today we are living in a fast-paced world where continuous unexpected infrastructure, technological, political and medical changes can be expected and it is necessary to quickly adapt to these changes. One example of this can be seen in fintech industry, where there is extreme competition and customers have high expectations more than ever before. FinTech companies, either big or small, are accelerating to deliver content and features at a swift and continuous pace. This rapidly changing industry demands fast and uninterrupted services that can only be achieved by combining operations and development under one umbrella “FinTech DevOps”.

Why DevOps?

According to global knowledge 2016 survey, fintech companies that adapted DevOps in 2016 were at a greater advantage. They were able to deploy changes, updates and improvements 46 times more frequently. Their change failure rate was 5 times lower, and they recovered from failures 96 times faster. Adopting DevOps tools like puppet, git, Jenkins, maven, Infrastructure as a code (IAAC) enforces good discipline and opens a new world of features and capabilities in an organization; hence fueling the speed of building and delivering software. Additionally, enterprises that embraced DevOps, experienced more consistency in deployments and were able to mitigate potential security risks efficiently; therefore, fintech companies see DevOps as a resource to remediate vulnerabilities, instead of a challenge.
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How Can We Help?

With over a decade of experience in IT services, FinTech Consulting Group developed an internal AI lab built for customers use cases. Our project managers work directly with your firm leadership to jot down the requirements and create custom devops solutions according to your needs. We take you from static, manual and on-premises configurations to agile, decoupled solutions such as; cloud computing, infrastructure as a code, continuous delivery with Jenkins, automation with various tools and python, code management with git and much more. We know that devops integration is a cultural change, therefore, we host in-person seminars with your IT teams to help adapt new norm. Ultimately, we are confident that our expertise in Fintech DevOps domain can help and bring great value to your company.